Wondering what to say to your boyfriend to make him happy?

That can seem daunting. But don’t worry.

In this blog we’ve simplified the things to say to your boyfriend for you.

Since you want to make your boyfriend happy you may be wondering what to do or say…

While there are several things that you can say to make your boyfriend happy we’re going to give you 5 fresh ideas of things you can say to make your boyfriend’s day.

Things to say to your boyfriend

Guess What Ladies…

The same way you want to hear how much you mean to your boyfriend and how much he loves you… It is very important that you return the favor and tell him the same.

Men want to hear that too!!!

When told to think something to say to their boyfriend that will show him that they love him, the words that come to most women’s minds are “I Love You.”

While “I Love You” is cool to hear every so often it’s not the only thing to say to your significant other.

QUite Frankly, It can get kind of old, meaningless, and loss its potency at times depending on the time and frequency it is said.

We’ll touch specifically about telling your boyfriend “I Love You” at the end. ***BONUS***

Today we want you to begin thinking outside the box when it comes to communicating with your special one to make them feel good.

Something that will stop him in his tracks and leave a huge smile on his heart when heard.

Not every guy is super responsive to the phrase“I Love You.”

So we are going to try to spark your brain with 4 new ideas of things to say to your boyfriend that can keep the relationship dripping with freshness, plus we’ll leave you with a bonus phrase at the end.

Say these things to your boyfriend to keep him Loving you…

“You make me happy.”

Tell your boyfriend that he makes you happy!

I mean… It is true, isn’t it?

All of our lives, telling the truth has been said to be the most noble and best thing to do.

So what better thing to say to your boyfriend than the truth? If he truly makes you happy, then tell him that.

“You’re so cute when you do that.”

Most guys have very big egos. So it shouldn’t surprise you that they like for them to be stroked.

That’s exactly what happens when you tell your boyfriend “You’re so cute when you do that…”

When your boyfriend does small things, whether they be a habit or something he does to make you happy.

Maybe when he gets upset he gets a huge wrinkle in one of his brows or he’ll give you a Sassy little grin.

If he does anything that attracts you or you find to be cute, LET HIM KNOW.

It will give him a massive ego boost to know he is impressing you, whether he’s doing it intentionally or not.

“I’m glad I fell in love with you.”

As surprising as what I’m about to tell you about men may sound it’s true.

Sometimes men can get a little insecure in a relationship.

They wonder if they are doing enough to make you happy….

So telling them that you are grateful you fell in love with them can be all it takes to remove their doubts and lift their spirits.

“I can’t wait to see you again.”

Whether you are talking/texting on the phone or about to part ways…

The simple phrase “I can’t wait to see you again” can carry a lot of weight when said to your boyfriend.

It will make him think of you and want to be with you, as he knows you are feeling the same way.

The Law of Reciprocity plays a huge in relationships.

Now for your Bonus and final idea on our list… This shouldn’t come as a surprise!

The National Institute of Health states that “Without loving relationships, humans fail to flourish, even if all of their other basic needs are met.”

“I Love You.”

The simplest things to say to your boyfriend are always the best.

These three simple words pack a lot of punch and will instantly make your significant other happy.

He knows you love him but to hear you say it means a lot.

Sometimes we simply want to hear our loved ones say that they love us back, hearing it out loud just seems to make it more real.

Of course “I Love You” made the list of top things to say to your boyfriend. 🤷‍♂️

While there are several things you can say to your boyfriend… These 5 fresh ideas should be enough to get you on the right track of making him happy.

Now what and/or how you say them is completely up to you.

Especially since only you know him and what the guy wants to hear.

To set a great foundation for a strong relationship try using these five simple ideas in you everyday conversation with your boyfriend.

Along with the 5 Ideas that we gave you to say to your boyfriend, think of some of your own.

You’ll be surprised in how much more energy your relationship will begin to produce.

Now know what to say to your boyfriend to make him happy is not the only activity need to fulfill yourself and your relationship. How about the things you need to ask your boyfriend or significant other. Find those questions here.

Hope these tips and ideas help. 

Now go Live and Love 🖤💜❤️