Has making a list of questions to ask your boyfriend ever crossed your mind?

Things you might want to know about him, but never really thought to ask…

Questions that are a little off the wall or awkward…

Don’t worry… You aren’t the only one this has happened to.

It’s actually a Grand Idea because making such a list can shed light on your relationship and can further your relationship by opening up avenues for great communication.

REMEMBER. Fellas don’t like to chat as much as gals do so don’t be annoyed if he doesn’t want to answer all of the questions in one sitting.

But asking 4 or 5 during each encounter or chance can elicit the kinds of responses you want.

If you want to further ease the process just shoot him the questions via text one per day and let him respond at his own leisure.

So with all that being said… What are The Top Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend?

First on the List of Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend are Background questions.

Questions like…

Where his parents met?

Where are his ancestors from or where did they come from?

Find out what his relationship is like with his siblings. This alone can provide valuable information on how he views family life!

Let’s Talk About Money…

Money can be a tough topic to bring up to your boyfriend directly but with the many questions to ask that you’ll think of after reading this post you will definitely be able to touch on the topic indirectly!

Ask how his parents view money?

Rather he would rather have a high paying job with low satisfaction or a low paying job with high satisfaction?

Questions his views on charity contributions.

Whether he would rather have a lot of stuff or a full bank account?

Find more information on communicating with your boyfriend HERE

Opinion On Career and Education…

Ask about his college major or post high school goals.

Does he have plans for or did he attend graduate or a professional school?

What are his views on the relationship between education and actually getting a job?

Previous occupations… What were his favorite and least favorite previous or current jobs?

Ask him to tell you the types of jobs he has the least respect for.

When asking these questions to your boyfriend make sure that you have your FUTURE in mind.

Especially, how many kids would he like to have.

What’s his approach on discipline.

What kind of education would he like for his kids to have. Public, Private, Home schooling. College/school cost…

Lifestyle Interest…

What his travel plans… Where would he like to travel.

What is an experience that he would like to experience in his lifetime.

Does he appreciate any type of art or have a love for music.

How important is pending time with the GUYS.

Does he consume alcohol or participate in any illicit drugs.

Let’s Talk About Sex…

Now if you are REALLY SERIOUS about the guy, sexual issues should definitely make the list of questions to ask your boyfriend.

How many sexual partners has he had.

Has he ever had any sexual transmitted disease.

Does he believe in monogamy.

What are his views on PornHub. I meant Porn…

Are there any sex acts that make him uncomfortable.

The point of the post of potential questions to ask your boyfriend is to open the dialogue in your relationship. As you begin to ask and answer these personal questions, you will get a sense of whether this relationship is destined to work over the long haul or whether you need to PACK UP AND GO. Thats the benefit of these questions.