Are you dating a man right now and don’t really know if he’s the one yet?🤔

Im sure you are because if you didnt you wouldn’t be here…

You’re in the right place the right place… Check out these 9 Tips That All Women Should Know before they jump the broom.

We all know that trying to evaluate who the right man for you can be very frustrating and difficult at times.

But thats in the past… What we’ve done is compiled 9 telltale signs in one article that will help you know without a doubt whether the man you’re dating is the one for you or not!

Is He The One?

How would you feel if you never had to search for your soulmate anymore??

Could ditch the dating game?

Amazing right…. Do you know that scores of woman go their entire life and never finds the right man to settle down with or settles down with the wrong man? Not so amazing. Right?

So check out these 9 proven signs that he is the one for you and that you should stick with him…

1. He Makes You Feel Comfortable Around Him

You know you’ve found the one if he loves you for you. Enjoys and understands your weird ways and there’s no need to impress. He makes you laugh and you have a fun time with him. He allows you to be your true self and let your hair down. Kick back and relax with no worries. Take off the day to day mask that society most time requires you to wear. Someone you don’t have to take life so seriously around. If you experience these feelings around him it’s definitely a sign that he could be the one. Hold on to him tight.

2. He Supports Your Dreams and Inspires You to be Your Best

If a man is in support of your dreams and aspirations he is definitely the one for you! Someone who inspires you to be a better person. Being with someone who helps and allows you to grow is very important in a relationship. He will pick you up when you are down and celebrate your successes. The two fo you will be constantly evolving and growing together. These are all signs of a good man for you.

3. He Always Talks About You to Others

When a man brags about you in your absence its without a doubt he’s the one. When you come around new family or friends you hear “So you’re the girl/woman I’ve been hearing so much about…”, “O so this is her…” These should be music to your ears. It means he is satisfied with you and believes in the future of the relationship. He’s not afraid to show you off and has complete confidence in you. This is also a sign that he thinks about you a lot. 

4. He’s a Good Fit With Your Family 

If a man is able to get along with your family and even more you are able to get along with his family you have found your guy. There’s a saying that “when in a relationship with someone you are in a relationship with family too.” It would suck if when you’re alone together everything’s perfect but when amongst each others family there’s a lot of tension. So he’s the one if your mother wants to cook for him. Your father approves of him. Yours siblings and cousins love to be around him. Thats a great match for you.

5. He’s Honest and Doesn’t Pretend to Like All Your Interest

A man that can be stern and honest with you is for you. Someone not afraid to keep it real. Understands that although you are together as a couple you’re still separate individuals when it comes to personal interest. This is a sign that he is being genuine and not just doing things to temporarily impress you. He will be around for the long haul and you more than likely don’t have to worry about him changing on you.

6. He Accepts You In Spite of Previous Mistakes

Everyone has had past mistakes that they may be ashamed of or may just wish they didn’t have to experience. If you are able to communicate these to him and they don’t bother the relationship he’s the one. He accepts you and your past mistakes. You trust him and he makes you feel secure. If you’re with someone who continually brings up your past mistakes causing you to relive them is a sign the he is NOT the one.

7. He Deals With Conflicts Well

Knowing that conflicts in a relationship are inevitable, he is for you if the too of you keep them healthy.Healthy conflicts are actually relationship building. You will be learning each others ins and outs all while strengthening your bond and communication. So don’t run from him!

8. He Trust You And Doesn’t Hold You Hostage 

Respecting each others independence is a major necessity especially when you’re signing up to spend life together. A good sign he is the guy for you is if he understands the fact that you all had lives and relational obligations prior to coming together. Understanding that sometimes spending time away from each other to be with family and friends is necessary. That there will be social activities that you attend independently. If he’s a man who feels the need to suffocate you and always has to be around you is not for you. This is a sign that he trust you and you trust him.

9. He Pleases You Sexually 

While sex isn’t everything it’s definitely important to enjoy it with your man. In fact, research has suggested that “Sex seems not only beneficial because of its physiological or hedonic effects… but because it promotes a stronger and more positive connection with the partner.”

Its one of those things that when it’s good its 20% of the relationship and when it’s bad it’s 80% of the relationship. WOW! Imagine fuming over the fact that when you lay down with your partner in bed you’re not happy. Being frustrated about it 80% of the time. Yikes! So if you have a good sex chemistry with your man he’s for you for sure!

Welp Those are 9 Solid Signs That He Could Be The One For You…

Good men worth being in a relationship with are hard to come by these days. Which is why a lot of women end up remaining single or with the wrong man. Now being single is a choice, but being in a relationship with the wrong man could be tragic. Mentally and physically. 

And that’s why we wrote these 9 Tips All Women Should Follow To Know If He’s The One.

So you my friend who has found and chosen to read this article are lucky. You are now armed with 9 signs that will tell you if a man is right or wrong for you.

How to apply this to your life.

The information you have read in this article can be used in two ways: 

1.) You can take this information and use it as a sort of checklist of qualities you want to look for in future men. With it helping you notice who is the one and not the one for you


2.) If you’re already in a relationship send this article to your significant other and have him read it. Afterwards you can have an honest discussion about where you think he falls short and see if he is willing to improve.


So just think about how much time you will save in your future because you know what qualities you are looking for in a man… Or just think about how much better your relationship will be when your man begins to embody the true lovely qualities that will make him the one for you.

Remember… He is the one for you only if he is RIGHT and he is READY.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave us a comment below because we appreciate feedback and also share with a friend if you found this information valuable or interesting.

With Love!

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