Are you Dating a Virgo?

9 times out of 10 if you landed here you probably dating a virgo or you are thinking about dating a virgo…

Don’t worry. You are definitely in the right place. Before you leave this post you will know the  Top 10 Things You Should Know About Dating a Virgo. ***PLUS A BONUS AT THE END***

So without further or do let’s get right to it.

When Dating a Virgo, Know that they are HONEST

You should know when dating a virgo that they are known to be extremely honest people. So thicken your skin!💪💪💪

Their straight forwardness causes them to be perceived as mean or even as an excessive nitpicker. It’s not a deal breaker though. They mean no harm by it. It’s just a natural tendency.

Virgos are NEAT FREAKS

Virgos are EXTREME neat freaks and cleanliness is a TOP priority.

So if you aren’t a cleanly person, you might run into some serious issues.

Even when they are going through an unusual time of disorder, getting things back to a cleanly, organized state is at the top of their mental list and it’s weighing on them heavily.

Perfection Perfection Perfection

If you plan on dating a virgo just know that Perfection is key.

Virgos are extreme perfectionist and naturally very picky.

You will definitely notice this when it comes to relationships. They don’t rush into ANYTHING and like to take relationships step by step.

While virgos are natural lovers and would love to be in a relationship, they often tend to have a distrust of Love itself. So patience and good communication is key. Especially in the beginning stages.

Over Thinking is Their Full Time Job

When dating a virgo know that they are Full Time Over Thinkers.

Analyzing is their area of expertise.

So expect to be involved in a lot of serious debates, where they have a STRONG feeling that they are right. Chances are they have collected and reviewed facts and evidence 10 times over.

But this is actually probably not a bad thing and could prove to be a huge help in the relationship. So don’t worry. Unless you’re a Virgo dating a Virgo. That’s a whole nother topic!

Dating a virgo

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Need Advice… Ask a Virgo

Virgos tend to be very good advice givers. And they secretly pride themselves on it.

That doesn’t surprise you though, does it?

Their keen attention to details, expertise in analyzing and over thinking, along with their natural intelligence are heavy contributors to their advice giving skills.

BEWARE… It is very important to let a virgo know in advance what type of listener you want them to be when you’re communicating to them. Sometimes they can play Mr. Fix it when all you want is a good listener to vent to.

Want To Date a Virgo? Head Over to the Library First

When dating a virgo, Know that forming a mental bond is very important. They want their relationship partners to match or exceed them when it comes to mental abilities and thinking skills.

The reason for this is because they enjoy having intense mind stimulating conversations. Conversations that yield a high return on their time investment in the form of new knowledge and understanding of a subject or topic.

Fresh info to showoff is a priceless gift for them!

Don’t Just Hug Your Virgo… Do Something For Them

Practicality. Virgos are very practical people especially when it comes to the way that they show love to their partners.

Romance and the physical form of showing affection are not their strong points.

However they are excellent providers of service and tend to show their love and affection in that fashion.

So don’t be surprised if you come on to useful gifts, or a clean home or bedroom. They show love in a practical form and the mushy lovey dovey way.

These acts of service are also strong indicators of how they feel about the status of the relationship.

***MESSAGE***If they are plentiful everything is probably ok and going well. But if they hardly or don’t exist at all? Ring the Alarm… Something is wrong

And don’t forget… They like to receive the same favors. 😉

How’s Your Virgo Feeling…?

While virgos are known to be excellent communicators, they are not very expressive about their emotions.

So when it comes to getting to know them and trying to figure out how they feel it could prove difficult at times.

When dating a virgo you will notice that you will have to do a lot of reading between the lines and finding out how they feel in ways other than them being verbally expressed.

They aren’t too excited about expressing emotions and are very aloof.

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Strategic Talkers and Thinkers

Virgos are known to be kind of manipulative. Good things is most aren’t manipulative in a demeaning or tyrant manner.

Their manipulation is mostly done unconsciously and for the betterment of the relationship. Relax and enjoy the ride.

Virgos Don’t Take “No” That Well

Last but not least. When dating a virgo be ready to be victimized by extreme persistence.

Virgos are very goal oriented and tend to go after what they want relentlessly. So if a virgo likes you it’s highly unlikely that there will be any level of uncertainty. Their persistence and straight forwardness will definitely be the confirmation

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post but DON’T LEAVE YET.

👇I promised you a ***BONUS*** For Dating a Virgo. So here it is.👇


There are two HUGE deal 💔breakers that almost have to be none existent for the relationship with your virgo partner to last.

  1. Please don’t go into the relationship with the intention of changing your virgo. They are very obstinate and don’t like being told what to do and when to do things.
  2. Virgos don’t like being in relationships with too many rules. Virgos are free thinkers and doers. They don’t like to be forced or made to feel like they are operating in a box. Let them live a little or atleast feel like they are in control of things.

You’ve made it to the END.

Now we know that this post isn’t full of rainbows and butterflies and its not perfect.

There isn’t an exact cookie cutter formula in figuring out any Zodiac Sign when dating and this is just our brief opinion.

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